Secure Data Erasure

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  • Leave no trace on your computer
  • Get rid of confidential information
  • Keep patient or client data protected
  • Avoid lawsuits or data breeches
  • Peace of mind from good security

data erasure

Securely wipe your hard drive(s) before selling or getting rid of your computer.

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There are a lot of reasons to want to wipe a hard drive securely.  Deleting a file on your computer doesn't securely erase that data and it is still available for someone to retrieve; the same goes for formatting a hard drive.  Whether you are wanting to sell your computer to get some money out of it or gift it to a friend or loved one, you can do so more safely if you know that there are no traces of your personal information left on the computer.  Using secure data erasure utilities, your privacy is our top priority and all drives are securely wiped using military-grade erasure algorithms.

**Proof of secure data erasure is provided with every data wipe** 


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