Repair or Reinstall Windows

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  • Wipe, reformat, and reinstall Windows
  • Install licensed Windows software
  • Patch and update all relevant software
  • Install antivirus/antispyware software
  • Backed by our No Fix, No Fee Guarantee
Repair or Reinstall Microsoft Windows

Fix any software problem that plague your computer by reinstalling the operating system.

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Over time regular computer usage causes computers to slow down, and viruses and other threats can cause a perfectly fine computer to suddenly stop working. A re-installation of your operating system and programs is the very best way to boost your computer's performance and extend its useful life.

Reinstalling Windows will wipe your hard drive of all problems and give users a chance to start over with a clean slate. This is easily the best way to completely remove all traces of trojans or other viruses and ensure you have a clean and stable environment in which to work. After our Windows reinstallation users will have a computer free of driver conflicts and harmful programs; ready to be setup or further configured by the end-user.

New customers receive free follow-up technical support for a limited time as a courtesy with this service.

Service Includes:

  • Free antivirus software
  • Upgrade assessment
  • Hardware diagnostics

Optional Upgrades:

  • File/Data recovery
  • Recovery partition

No Fix, No Fee Badge


Windows reinstallation does not include the following:

  • Backup and recovery of user data
  • Installation of user programs where keys or licenses are not provided
  • On-site, network, or printer installation

*Does not include the cost of replacement parts or hardware, if necessary*

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