About Us – Our Mission

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Glen Kratochvil founded Alaska Computer Guy in the summer of 2005 when he observed that Anchorage home users and small businesses had a need for quality IT support and computer services at affordable rates. While working as a computer lab administrator in Anchorage, Kratochvil developed simple and effective processes to secure computers and increase their performance while reducing the need for costly support services.

To support our mission, Alaska Computer Guy’s specialized computer lab administration is still a great solution for coffee shops, libraries, and other businesses who need to safely provide customers with access to the internet. Kratochvil continues to provide a broad offering of support services to our valued customers. He ranks personal attention to clients’ needs as the greatest strength of Alaska Computer Guy.

Alaskan Owned and Operated

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Alaska Computer Guy is a small business which has been providing support services to Alaskans since our founding in 2005.  Customers range from home and small business users to corporations and tribal authorities.  We specialize in working with companies whose IT needs are too infrequent to justify having their own in-house IT staff.  With Alaska Computer Guy, you can trust that when you need technical assistance, help is a phone call away.  We typically bill on a fee-for-service approach at an hourly rate, with no monthly service fees or complicated contracts.  Firm estimates and price quotes are provided upon request or for special projects where billing hourly would not be appropriate.

We are a leading provider of computer lab management for customers that provide internet access for clients in public or semi-public environments.  It doesn’t matter whether you provide access to users with one computer or many. We can develop a custom solution that will minimize down-time and maximize identity protection and confidentiality for your users.  The more computers we protect, the less it costs per unit.  Our backup and recovery division is built to provide businesses with robust protection in case of catastrophic data failures.  Contact us for more information or to request a free quote for services.  A complete backup solution can mean the difference between a full recovery and significant business interruption.

Our Service

In support of our mission, Alaska Computer Guy provides reliable service that Alaskans can count on. Forget about anonymous telephone operators or dispatches that don’t put you directly in touch with the technicians. When you have questions about equipment or services we provide, your questions will be answered by someone familiar with your system. In addition to providing quality service at unbeatable prices, our commitment to service doesn’t end there. Our solutions are guaranteed to work, and we only bill for solutions that solve your problems. Furthermore, we usually don’t charge for diagnostics or time spent learning about your problem unless we can identify it and give you actionable solutions.

Our Products

Longstanding relationships with distributors in the lower 48 often allow us to procure technology and equipment at discounts over the retail prices you would pay at many local stores.  Next time you are looking to upgrade or replace your existing equipment, please consider asking Alaska Computer Guy to provide a quote.  The money you save could make it worth your while.