Laptop Screen Replacement

Laptop Screen Replacement
  • Determine extent of screen problems
  • Provide free estimate for parts & labor
  • Test hard drive and other components
  • Locate & obtain replacement screen
  • Less expensive than factory repairs
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We can often replace your cracked (non-touch) screen for ~$275

If your laptop’s screen is cracked, smashed, or broken we can usually install a replacement to get your computer working again.  In most cases we can usually obtain a replacement screen within 7 to 10 days and we can expedite that for a little bit more (sometimes) if you don’t mind paying the rushed shipping.  This is a great service if you can still see a display on the screen but it is cracked or has fractures and you can see damage to the screen.  If the screen is just black or the laptop does not power on, please call and we can discuss your options.  Alaska Computer Guy does not replace touchscreens.

Fix your damaged screen by replacing it with a new one, or move your data to a different computer.

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