Windows Password Reset

Windows Password Reset
  • Change or reset a forgotten password
  • Disable a pre-boot password
  • Create a new admin user account
  • Recover data from a locked account
  • Backed by our No Fix, No Fee Guarantee

Regain entry to your laptop or computer if you have forgotten your password

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If you think you are the first person to ever forget the login password to your computer then you are mistaken.  Fortunately, you’re in good company, and it is frequently a pretty straightforward thing for us to unlock your computer and regain access to your computer.  This can also be useful or necessary if you inherited a loved-one’s computer or were left with one from an estate.  We’d be happy to discuss the options with you to regain entry to your computer.

Not all locks and passwords are created equally; some can be more difficult than others.

windows login password
Windows Login Password

Unlocking or bypassing a Windows login password is usually pretty straightforward and can frequently be completed within an hour or so.  This can be done more easily on a local Windows account instead of a Microsoft cloud-linked account.  Microsoft cloud-linked accounts are tied to a specific email account, and you can usually tell if an email address is listed beneath the login username.  If that’s the case, password reset can be done using Microsoft’s password recovery page.  If that doesn’t work, we can still usually create a new administrator account for you to side-step the locked account and this will permit you to recover data from the locked account.

bios boot password
BIOS Boot Password

A pre-boot password prompt that looks like the above is typically going to be from a BIOS password that was set.  Many BIOS Passwords can simply be reset by temporarily removing the computer’s CMOS battery or resetting it using a clear CMOS jumper on the computer’s motherboard. If that’s not the case, data recovery may still be attempted from the internal hard drive without the need for the BIOS password.  In some cases, a computer’s manufacturer (think HP or Dell) may be able to provide a password to get around this, but they will certainly require proof of ownership to do so.  It’s worth checking with them to see if it’s a possibility.

bitlocker unlock prompt at boot
Bitlocker pre-boot Password

The BitLocker prompt shown above is one of the more secure ways to lock down a computer and encrypt its contents.  If you see something like this when you attempt to start a computer, I cannot help you recover data from it unless you are able to remember the password or locate the drive’s recovery key.  The recovery key is a long string of numbers and will look like the following:

bitlocker recovery keyBitlocker Recovery Key

If password reset is not possible, it may be possible to create another admin account.

No Fix, No Fee Badge

*We can also help you better secure your data if you’re uncomfortable with how easy it is to reset your password*