Data Recovery

Data Recovery
  • Retrieve lost or missing data
  • Recover damaged or corrupted files
  • Identify & diagnose failing hard drives
  • Restore missing data and partitions
  • Backed by our No Fix, No Fee Guarantee

Recover critical data for less and only pay if we can retrieve your files

If you have come to this page, you are probably worried that you’ve lost all of your My Documents, pictures, music, and other essential files which you haven’t backed up– we may be able to help. We recently upgraded our data recovery equipment and software which should make data recovery more successful than ever. Although Alaska lacks a dedicated data-recovery facility that performs level 3 and clean-room recoveries, we have had very good experiences recovering data for folks who need level 1 and level 2 data recoveries.

In many cases we are able to recover your data without having to send it outside Alaska, but in cases where outside help is needed, we can direct you to a trusted party to perform the work for you.

Level 2 Data Recovery

If you believe you have experienced data loss from file corruption or hardware failure, it is critical for you to immediately stop using the computer or hard drive with the missing data. The longer you work on it, the less likely recovery of the missing data becomes. Call or text 727-1489 for further instructions.

Your data can often be recovered within 24 hours and you only pay if we can retrieve your files.

Ask our technician for free information about how to perform your own automatic backups.

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