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  • Automate your overnight backups
  • Save time with incremental backup
  • Backup files as frequently as you want
  • Powerful backup software included
  • Sleep easier knowing your data is safe

data backup

Automatic Cloud Backup through is a safe and responsible investment for your company.

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  • Keep clients happy with working computers
  • Protect users' identities from theft and fraud
  • Receive professional, on-site assistance
  • Simplify IT budgets with consistent billing
  • Keep your printers stocked and functioning

lab administration

Show your clients how you feel about them and empower them with access to the internet.

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  • Free diagnostics of problems
  • Identify and solve unknown errors
  • Do something when it doesn't feel right
  • Stop putting up with annoying problems
  • Squeeze extra life out of old equipment

web surfer

Ask about our affordable hourly rate to repair hard-to-identify troubles.

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  • Add more memory to speed up your PC
  • Store more music with a bigger hard drive
  • Replace a cracked or broken laptop screen
  • Free yourself of cords with a wireless card
  • Upgrade your video card to play new games

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Contact us to discuss hardware upgrade options and receive a free quote for installation.

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  • Unpack and setup your new PC
  • Transfer user files and settings
  • Remove pre-installed junk programs
  • Connect the computer to the internet
  • Move your computer to a new location

new laptop

Fast and professional PC setup ensures that your computer is configured properly.

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  • Make moving offices fast and easy
  • Move a single computer or several
  • Reconnect office equipment correctly
  • Minimize downtime with a professional move
  • Move within a building or across town

move computer

Start the day Monday morning with confidence that everything is working in your new office.

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  • Unpack and properly setup your device
  • Configure the device to function properly
  • Share the device on your local network
  • Install latest drivers for best performance
  • Test all settings and demonstrate functions


Print, fax, copy, scan, and email all from your printer when it's properly installed.

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  • Leave no trace on your computer
  • Get rid of confidential information
  • Keep patient or client data protected
  • Avoid lawsuits or data breeches
  • Peace of mind from good security

data erasure

Securely wipe your hard drive(s) before selling or getting rid of your computer.

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The Real Deal

Alaska Computer Guy Inc has been licensed and insured to operate as a business in the State of Alaska since our founding in 2005. We value your privacy and respect your confidential information and will happily sign a BAA to that affect. Bush orders are always welcome. You'll pay shipping to have your computer brought in, then I'll fix it and send it back.  Pilot's license not required.