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  • Reformat and Reinstall Windows
  • Install all requested user software
  • Install antivirus/antispyware software
  • Patch and update all software
  • Backed by our No Fix, No Fee Guarantee

computer tuneup

The Complete Tune-Up will repair your computer for $100. Data recovery extra.

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  • Retrieve lost or missing data
  • Recover damaged or corrupted files
  • Identify & diagnose failing hard drives
  • Restore missing partitions or boot sectors
  • Backed by our No Fix, No Fee Guarantee

data recovery

Recover your critical data for less and only pay if we can retrieve your files.

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  • Backup data you can't afford to lose
  • Setup an automated backup routine
  • Check your hard drive for damage
  • Explore off-site backup options
  • Create CDs/DVDs that store your files

usb thumb drive

Protect photos and documents from loss; preserve those precious memories with a backup plan from

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  • Determine extent of screen problems
  • Provide free estimate for parts and labor
  • Identify and procure replacement screen
  • Test hard drive and other components
  • Less expensive than factory repairs

broken screen

We can replace your cracked or broken screen for less than $200, as long as it's not a touch-screen.

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  • Unpack and setup your new PC
  • Migrate user files and settings
  • Remove pre-installed junk programs
  • Connect the computer to the internet
  • Move your computer to a new location

new laptop

Fast and professional PC setup ensures that your computer is configured properly.

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  • Reformat, repartition, and reinstall Windows
  • Install Microsoft Genuine licensed software
  • Install antivirus/antispyware software
  • Patch and update all relevant software
  • Backed by our No Fix, No Fee Guarantee

microsoft windows logo

Fix any problem that plagues computers by reinstalling the operating system.

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  • Protect your family's online privacy
  • Wipe away banking or tax records
  • Get rid of confidential information
  • Leave no trace on your computer
  • Peace of mind from good security

data erasure

Securely wipe your hard drive(s) before selling or getting rid of your computer.

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  • Locate and neutralize all trace of viruses
  • Repair damage to your system registry
  • Install modern antivirus software
  • Safely install all critical Windows Updates
  • Backed by our No Fix, No Fee Guarantee


Remove viruses and other junk software so you can safely use your computer again.

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The Real Deal

Alaska Computer Guy Inc has been licensed and insured to operate as a business in the State of Alaska since our founding in 2005. We value your privacy and respect your confidential information and will happily sign a BAA to that affect. Bush orders are always welcome. You'll pay shipping to have your computer brought in, then I'll fix it and send it back.  Pilot's license not required.