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How to set Windows to Auto-login

I sometimes get irritated when I install Windows on a new computer and have to deal with the login menu each time I turn on the computer.  Many computer users have their own personal computer system that they do not share with anyone.  If the customer is not worried about security (such as keeping their kids or neighbors off the computer), they can often adjust some simple settings that will cause the computer to automatically log in as their user when they turn on the computer.

To access these settings in Windows, the user must click the Start Menu and select run, then type CONTROL USERPASSWORDS2.

control userpasswords2

The rest of the settings are easily configured from the console that pops up.  And that is how to get your computer to automatically login a user when you start it up.  I can confirm that that works with all versions of Windows from XP to 7 to 8 and even Windows 10. 

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