Bitcoin and Ethereum

Exciting Times in Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency has the potential to improve the speed and efficiency of financial transactions around the world.  It is hard to say which of them will gain traction and which of the many hundreds of different tokens will still be around in 5 years, but the odds are that some of them will be.  I presently hold positions in Ethereum and Bitcoin but I feel really good about the future of ETH.  The technology is promising and I look forward to a future where people can directly transfer funds to each other to pay for transactions without the recipient having to pay a 2% or 3 % transaction fee to accept credit cards.

I have accepted payment of Bitcoin through my Coinbase wallet for awhile now, but using cryptocurrency addresses can feel clunky and unnatural and requires some technical skills to use. I recently acquired some ethereum domain names, including computerrepair.eth and alaskacomputerguy.eth. These ENS names act as aliases which correspond to cryptocurrency addresses and make it easier for humans to send payments using addresses more simply. Ethereum Domain Name auctions ( are ongoing so you might still be able to purchase your own .eth domain if you act soon.

Not All is Well

I am somewhat angry after reading an article about the divergence between the Ethereum and Ethereum Classic ( I am disappointed that the Ethereum Classic folks still support their network despite the fact that it permits the hackers to get away with their ill-begotten gains.  There’s obviously more going on beneath the surface of the arguments but I won’t get into it now.  Feel free to ask me about it if you need somebody local to talk to about cryptocurrency.  I think there is going to be a lot of exciting developments coming in our future and am looking forward to being a part of it.

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