Should You Upgrade Windows?

Computer not running well?  You might be frustrated with lag or with the internet operating slowly. 

There might even be one (or more) error message boxes popping up every time you start the computer.  These things often cause frustration that builds up to a point where you decide to toss the whole thing out and get a new computer.  While this might be a good idea if your computer is already 10 years old or still running the now-unsupported Windows XP, there is a good chance that all it needs is a tune-up and it will be working fresh and clean like the day you bought it. 

At Alaska Computer Guy, we realize that your money is important to you and will help you get your old(er) computer working in no time flat.  With pretty much 24-48 hour turnaround on most cleanups for a low-rate of $150 (which includes data backup and recovery), you don’t have to take out your frustrations by throwing away the old computer and instead get it back, quickly, so you can move on to the things that really matter to you.

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