First Impression of Windows 10

It is always exciting when Microsoft released a version of Windows.  With the release of Windows 10 right around the corner, a lot of you have already likely noticed the Windows 10 icon on your computers and are wondering if you should reserve your free copy of the upgrade.  Since for a limited time Microsoft is offering the Windows 10 upgrade for free, I would say go ahead and reserve your copy today…but I would encourage you to wait before you install it once it becomes available.

In all likelihood, Microsoft will put a great deal of time into troubleshooting it and testing it before they make it publicly available for download.  Although you should be safe to install it once it is released, I am encouraging users to hold off and wait at least a few weeks to see how well it is received by the early-adopters who install it as soon as it is available.  Learn from their mistakes, and if a large amount of users experience trouble with the upgrade process then let them be the ones who run into trouble with their computers and benefit from their trials before you risk messing up your own computer.  Have I mentioned that before you embark on a large upgrade like this or make any significant changes to your computer it is always a good idea to make sure you have a good backup of all of your important documents and photos?  Alaska Computer Guy recommends Carbonite.

Good luck computer users!

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