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  • laptop with charger

    Troubleshooting a Laptop that Won’t Charge

    Troubleshooting a laptop computer that will not charge or power on includes several steps that can be performed at home before seeking help.

  • cyber attack tips

    How to Avoid Social Engineering

    Social engineering attacks are a type of security threat used to gain unauthorized access to systems or to obtain financial benefits.

  • Search Engine Optimization

    Intro to Search Engine Optimization

    SEO is computer-speak for making your website look good to search engines and the goal of is higher placement in search results.

  • computer networking cables

    IPv6 Setup on Synology Router with TunnelBroker

    I made this guide to show everyone how to get IPv6 working on a Synology router using a free Hurricane Electric account.

  • cryptomator encrypt dropbox

    How to Encrypt Dropbox

    It is possible to encrypt Dropbox so you can enjoy the benefits and convenience of cloud storage while maintaining security and privacy.

  • username and password

    Passwords and Data Encryption

    There are many different ways to secure data on computers, but not all of them offer the protection you think they do.

  • Affordable Tech Support You Can Trust!

    Speed up Your Computer with a Solid State Drive

    Solid state hard drives (SSDs) are a newer type of hard drive which use flash memory instead of a spinning platter to store information.

  • windows reinstall 400x267

    How to Freshen Up Windows 10

    For those of you who are searching for help because your Windows 10 installation isn’t running as quickly and cleanly as it was when you first installed it, I have…

  • low disk space warning

    Disable Low Disk Space Warnings

    With this little trick you can easily disable low disk space warnings and continue to use your hard space as you want to.

  • control userpasswords2

    How to set Windows to Auto-login

    I sometimes get irritated when I install Windows on a new computer and have to deal with the login menu each time I turn on the computer.  Many computer users…

  • How to Compact a Virtual Disk (.vhdx)

    This quick and easy method of compacting a virtual hard drive (.vhdx file) reduces the size of the file and takes just seconds to complete.