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  • AsgardAlaska_website.png

    Asgard Alaska launches new website

    We are proud to have launched a new website for Asgard Alaska, a nonprofit that aims to create a Viking-themed open-air museum and campground.

  • cyber attack tips

    How to Avoid Social Engineering

    Social engineering attacks are a type of security threat used to gain unauthorized access to systems or to obtain financial benefits.

  • windows 7 end of support warning

    Life After Windows 7

    Microsoft no longer releases updates to Windows 7 and will not patch security vulnerabilities that are discovered from this point forward. 

  • username and password

    Passwords and Data Encryption

    There are many different ways to secure data on computers, but not all of them offer the protection you think they do.

  • Affordable Tech Support You Can Trust!

    Speed up Your Computer with a Solid State Drive

    Solid state hard drives (SSDs) are a newer type of hard drive which use flash memory instead of a spinning platter to store information.

  • angry computer user

    Why PayPal is Bad for Sellers

    If Paypal were a Seller on eBay their feedback profile would be a whopping 3.7% positive feedback and their account would be suspended.

  • Bitcoin and Ethereum

    Exciting Times in Cryptocurrency

    Cryptocurrency has the potential to improve the speed and efficiency of financial transactions around the world.

  • External USB hard drive

    Annual Data Backup Reminder

    Alaska Computer Guy’s annual reminder that it is very important to regularly backup any important data that is stored on your computer.

  • windows reinstall 400x267

    “Free” Upgrade blues?

    Windows employed some dubious practices to force unsuspecting users into upgrading their computers to Windows 10 and not everyone was happy.

  • First Impression of Windows 10

    I am encouraging users to hold off at least a few weeks to see how well Windows 10 is received by the early-adopters.

  • File and Data Backup

    Don’t Leave Your Backup to Chance

    For about $70 per year, you can have the peace of mind that your files are automatically being backed up to the cloud and sleep like a baby.

  • custom installation image

    Always Choose Custom Installation

    Always choose custom installation when installing new software because it gives you the ability to decline unwanted software and settings.

  • Should You Upgrade Windows?

    Computer not running well?  You might be frustrated with lag or with the internet operating slowly.  There might even be one (or more) error message boxes popping up every time…

  • Data Wipe or Data Recovery

    Are you thinking about upgrading your computer but worried about throwing out the old one with confidential data still on the hard drive?

  • Thank you for Electing us Mayor!

    Alaska Computer Guy was recently selected as mayor of MerchantCircle which a great business networking forum in which to meet new businesses.